Intensity 10 Liter

The NewLife Intensity 10 from Caire is one of the few concentrators with an oxygen flow of up to 10 ..


Intensity filterset

Intensity filter set replace it 1 x a year..


Sequal Eclipse 5

The Eclipse 5 with autoSAT technology is a portable oxygen concentrator designed to draw oxygen ..

€2,500.00 €2,800.00

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Visionaire 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator is a lightweight home oxygen concentrator manufactured by Cai..


SeQual Eclipse battery

The SeQual Eclipse Replacement Battery is designed for use with any Eclipse portable oxygen concentr..


Sequal Desktop Charger

The SeQual Eclipse Desktop charger ensures that all batteries are fully available. Charge your Sequa..


Sequal Eclipse 5 fiterset

Sequal Eclipse 5 fiterset..


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