The practical and robust design of the Zen-O™ provides a high degree of ease of use and low running ..


Zen-O Lite
Zen-O Lite
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Zen-O Lite

Zen-O lite™ is the new ultra-light oxygen concentrator from GCE Healthcare. Weighing only 2.5 kg, ..


Zen-O Lite backpack

You can now keep your hands free with this beautifully designed backpack.Protect your oxygen concent..


Battery Zen-O 12 Cell

Make your oxygen therapy truly mobile with the Zen-O 12-cell battery from GCE. The 12-cell lithium-i..


Zen-O Lite 8 Cell battery

This 8 cell rechargeable lithium-ion battery will power your Zen-O™ Lite Portable Oxygen Concentrato..


Zen-O Lite Columns

Zen-O Lite columns should be replaced when you receive the message: Cont. Vent." (Check Ventilation)..


12 Volt charger Zen-O Lite

12 Volt charger Zen-O Lite..


Zen-O Lite AC 220 Volt adapter

Zen-O Lite AC 220 Volt adapter..


Zen-O wrench

Zen-O wrench..


Zen-O cannula filter 10

Set of 10 filters. You do need a wrench to replace the filters...


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